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Snoopa Bus Brings Wireless Broadband to the Bush

For the past 12 months the Snoopa Bus has travelled around regional Australia checking on the availability of Broadband and identifying communications problems faced by the bush.

Two things became very clear:

  1. Lack of Broadband would disadvantage the bush as city businesses took advantage of the online community to sell their products or services to the bush. They would also be unable to use Voice over the Internet (VoIP) and take advantage of the lower call costs that VoIP will bring.

  2. Cost of calls to the nearest Capital City were too high and represented 30% of their phone bill.

In answer to these problems Phone Snoopa has come up with a novel idea of creating local community telephone companies in the same way that Bendigo Bank created community banks when the big banks started to desert the bush.

With the local community telephone company they can now offer a ten minute call to the nearest Capital City for 25 cents which is way under the best competitor price of $1.00 for 10 minutes.

Snoopa recruits local businesses or individuals to run the local company and provides all the back end systems to support the operation. The local company can be up and running in less than a week.

Once twenty customers want Broadband a wireless base station is installed to deliver high speed Broadband to the community. Anyone within 12 Kms of the base station will be able to use the service. This will more than adequately cover all regional towns. The service is provided at city prices but with unlimited downloads and higher upload speeds.

Broadband will enable users to access the cheaper rates that VoIP brings. For instance anywhere in Australia for 10 cents a minute without a flagfall. The wireless solution will allow customers to reduce the number of expensive landlines required. Calls between customers using VoIP are free.

Posted 1 May 2005