The real alternative


Distance from an Exchange and grades of copper wire are no longer valid excuses because we’ve gone wireless and produced a broadband service that is independent of the ageing copper network.

The Phone Snoopa Wireless Broadband Network does not require a phone line. A small antenna is professionally installed on the roof of your home or business and is directly connected to a PC or router. Our automatic network discovery system will detect a signal and from there all you do is use your PC to set-up your account and you’re online.

Snoopa provides simple, powerful solutions to homes and business at very competitive rates. Our goal is to make broadband not only accessible but affordable. Our goal is to provide a network that allows not only the highest quality Internet connection, but also the highest quality platform for using Voice Over IP (VoIP). Doing this will allow Snoopa customers the option of removing their landline altogether and removing those frustrating fixed line rental costs each month, plus the benefit of cheaper and in some case free calls.