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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP?
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an innovative way to make and receive phone calls. It involves the transmission of ordinary telephone calls over the Internet. In other words, VoIP can send voice over the Internet, rather than through the regular copper telephone network.
How fast an Internet connection do I need to use Phone Snoopa VoIP?
Phone Snoopa recommends that you have a minimum broadband speed of 1500/256 kbps. Higher speeds are needed to support more than one VOIP service at a time. Contact Phone Snoopa support for guidance on speed requirements for VOIP.
Is Phone Snoopa VoIP the same as Skype?
No, Phone Snoopa provides an independent Australian network whereas Skype utilises peoples computers and bandwidth to support phone calls that others make. Phone Snoopa clients are provided with a regular telephone number and over time you will actually be able to transfer your existing landline number to our network. In conjunction with our ATA hardware you can use your existing telephone to make calls through our network. Skype on the other hand relies on a computer or smarthphone based application, whereby you need to use a headset and talk using your computer or smartphone.
What is an ATA?
An Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) is a small box that converts your analogue phone signal into a digital signal allowing you to connect a traditional telephone directly into the Phone Snoopa VoIP network. The box is connected to a telephone and your router.
Why are Phone Snoopa VOIP calls cheaper?
As calls are carried over the Internet, the distance a call has to travel through the traditional phone network is minimised and in doing so, costs can be kept lower. In the case where two Phone Snoopa clients are talking to one another via VoIP, we do not need to charge for these calls as they never leave our network.
What type of Telephone can I use?
Any normal telephone (cordless or standard) can be used.