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Fixed Line Services

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you ensure my minimum savings are met?
Snoopa constantly adjusts your rates to best suit your calling patterns. A full suite of online analysis tools is available for you to run reports and self-analyse your accounts. If further analysis is required, simply request it from customer service and it will be provided as often as you need it.
Do my phone numbers stay the same?
Do I sign a contract?
No. To switch your fixed lines to Snoopa you sign a transfer authority, which gives Snoopa authorisation to contact your existing provider and tell them you have choosen Snoopa to supply your service. You are free to contact any other provider should you be disappointed with our service.
Does Snoopa bill all services?
Yes. Each month you will receive a tax invoice from Snoopa for all your fixed line services. This includes line rental and any other associated services (line hunt etc.) you have in place on your phone lines.
Do I still receive a bill from Telstra?
No. The only service we can’t offer in relation to fixed lines is white and yellow pages advertising.
How do I pay for my services?
We require payment in arrears by either a valid credit card or direct debit from a bank account. This is to protect us from bad debt exposure, which is prevalent in our industry. You receive your statement at least two weeks before payment, so you have plenty of time to check that all charges are correct and ensure the funds are available for payment.