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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I keep my existing number?
Yes. Once you’ve decided to go with Phone Snoopa, you simply complete a mobile porting authority form, which lets your current supplier know you’ve choosen Phone Snoopa for your mobile. We’ll look after the rest.
Can Phone Snoopa provide me with a new number?
Can I change my Phone Snoopa plan?
If you are not on a contracted plan, you can change by contacting customer service and advising them that you wish to move your service to a different Phone Snoopa plan. The change will take place the very next month. If you are on a contracted plan contact customer service to dicuss your options.
Can my mobile service be added to my fixed line account?
Yes. Phone Snoopa provides all your services on a single account.
How long does it take to port/transfer my service to Snoopa?
The porting process takes around 2-3 days.